A doodle showing a unicorn with googly eyes saying, 'You know that we don't really exist, don't you?'

A unicorn designer with imposter syndrome & self-identification issues

I've made a lot of mistakes in my career (and it brings me joy when I can help others avoid them)
I've been managing design teams for over a decade, and I'm still scared that I'm not doing it right
I'm proud of the projects I launched.
I'm equally proud that I stopped a lot of others from happening
I have a proven track record in UX, Product Design, Branding, Communication, Marketing, and almost any other kind of design → hence self-identification crisis
I enjoy product work the most, but I'm obsessed with having a coherent brand experience overall

If you could only read 5 lines about me

  • I'm good at creating & perfecting imperfect processes for an imperfect world
  • I always honor collaboration over competition
  • I believe that enjoying working together is a key to success
  • I empathize with the business as much as I do with its users
  • I love how perfectly imperfect and seemingly unpredictable people are


These are some books and materials I like to share these days.
And an oldie but a goodie. True nerd content that I find extremely inspiring — Stanford course on Human Behavioral Biology by Robert Sapolsky (available to anyone on youtube).


I'm happy to help struggling designers or product folks, particularly people making a career switch or changing their country or cultural context.

Currently, I'm fully booked for long-term arrangements, but you can always shoot me a message if you have a specific question or need advice.
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